Add partA to part B.Mix thoroughly toa uniformmilky colour.Mixing ratio 1: 2,5 by volume.
          Total contents ofpartA and partB must be mixedtogether.No variation to this ratio is acceptable.
          Apply thinly bybrush or roller.
          The compound becomes clearwhen dry and can then be overcoated.
          Asa primer only one coat is required.
          It is important that any overcoatbe applied to Duram Duraprimewhile still tacky.  Once fully curedinter-coat adhesion may be reduced.
          Duraprime canbe overcoated with Duram 195, Duram Durapond, Duram Rainkote Fibre-Tech, Duram Durabak and Epoxies.
       Utensils, hands can be cleaned with water whilestill wet.
       Wet Duram Duraprime is toxicbut not flammable.
       Once cured these materials are non-toxic, inert and harmless.
       Always wear gloves when working with Duraprime and provide adequate ventilation.
       Avoid excessive inhalation and skin contact.
       If material is splashed in the eye, wash with copious quantities ofwater and obtain medical attention.