Application Instruction


       Do not apply Duram 195 if the surface is damp or if rain is expected.
       Do not apply Duram 195 directly over bituminoussealers without first applyinga coat of Duraprimeto avoid solventattack. Duraprime is not necessary for acrylic-bound bituminous sealers.
       Stir Duram 195vigorously forafew minutes which will thin the compound.
       Do not dilute.
       Apply by brushor roller toa clean, firm, dry, prepared surface.
       Apply first coatof Duram 195 toprepared surface.
       Allow to dry for 12 to 24 hrs depending on conditions. Once dried, apply secondcoat. Further coats may be applied for additionalprotection.
       On structural corners, upstands,cracks, full bores and imperfections, Duram Duramesh reinforcing membrane              should be embedded into the first wet coat.
       Partly used cans may be stored for short periods and should be tightly sealed andstored upsidedown.
       Top coating:
·         Duram 195 doesnot need to be overcoated, but can be covered,if required, witha Bitumen Aluminium paint, tiles,slate, roofsheets or stone chips.
       Use Duram Xylene or other solvent to remove uncured Duram 195.